Bike Racks on Light Rail

Bike Racks on Light Rail
Phoenix AZ, Dec 2007

Friday, May 30, 2008

Houston City Council TIA Committee Meeting Today

Transportation Infrastructure and Aviation Committee met today in the City Hall Council Chambers. Chair: CM Sue Lovell. Topic: METRO Consent Agreement

Christof Spieler of CTC spoke to the need to put Complete Street principles into the METRO - City of Houston Consent Agreement design appendix. I followed him, and reminded Council (and METRO CEO Frank Wilson who was seated 10 feet behind me in the audience) of the need for bike parking in the immediate vicinity of every transit stop. CM Peter Brown agreed with me, and CM Clutterbuck chimed in calling for more bike on train access, which I hadn't planned to talk about (because it's not related to the Consent Agreement), but I did not stop her! CM Adams said that she looked forward to riding a bike to the train someday, and I invited her to take a cycling class with us.

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