Bike Racks on Light Rail

Bike Racks on Light Rail
Phoenix AZ, Dec 2007

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meeting, Thursday, February 11, 2:00 pm

Support Bikes on Trains at the Houston Transportation Committee Meeting.
If you ride in Houston, please attend this important meeting!

Houston-area cyclists-

This Thursday, February 11, the Houston City Council Transportation, Infrastructure and Aviation Committee will discuss the METRO light rail construction.

Please attend and insist that METRO accommodate bicycles - both in the light rail cars and with on-street bike parking at stations.

Please take time off work if possible to attend this meeting - it is that important.

Please ask the City Council and Mayor to influence METRO to include accommodations for bicycles in the light rail construction. For maximum multi-modal connectivity, any light rail project MUST allow bikes in the rail cars, and provide plenty of bike parking at the stations.

The meeting will take place at 2:00 pm, in City Council Chambers, 901 Bagby, 2nd Floor.

METRO was slow to accept the benefit of bike racks on their buses until cyclists spoke up - and as of January 2010, there have been more than 117,000 bike boardings on METRO buses. We can make a difference!

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